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8 KB (1,169 words) - 20:54, 23 October 2014 Sound (medical instrument) (section Urethral sounds) Some people enjoy using them for urethral play
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107 KB (15,897 words) - 22:55, 28 October 2014 Urination Part of the urethra is surrounded by the external urethral sphincter
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98 KB (14,073 words) - 02:28, 17 October 2014 Outline of BDSM (section Types of play) Types of play: Play (BDSM) Age play Animal roleplay Breath play Fear play
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Cross-sectional study examining four types of male penile and
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Bibi Andersson played Dr
Urethral sounds are designed to be inserted into the male
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season, and may play a role in reproductive communication between groups
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11 KB (1,601 words) - 13:17, 22 September 2014 Parasympathetic nervous system involved with these processes but the PN play a huge role in continence
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13 KB (1,930 words) - 16:50, 1 September 2014 Onuf's nucleus innervation for the striated muscles of the rectum and urethral sphincter
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The male's urethral opening is round, whereas the female's
18 KB (2,018 words) - 22:15, 30 September 2014 Human sexuality majora , labia minora , clitoris , vaginal opening , and urethral opening
The presence of this
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Conrad died from urethral cancer in November 1983 during the fourth
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2 KB (339 words) - 16:39, 13 January 2014 Cock and ball torture , genital spanking , squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play , tickle torture , erotic electrostimulation or even kicking
As in humans, prenatal androgen plays an important role in
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Many children take part in some sex play, typically with
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and individual anatomy also play a role in these decisions
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internal urethral sphincter to prevent semen from entering the bladder
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3 KB (428 words) - 04:57, 27 September 2014 Prince's wand They are most popular among men who enjoy Urethral Play (see sounding )
45 KB (6,207 words) - 09:37, 20 September 2014 Erotic electrostimulation (redirect from Electrical play) TENS , EMS , Violet wand , or made-for-play units) for purposes of sexual stimulation
Urethral sounding (redirect from Urethral play) Sounding or urethral sounding is the medical use of probes called sound s to
12 KB (1,576 words) - 17:45, 18 October 2014 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (film) funding for a movie version of Rose Garden
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6 KB (656 words) - 22:12, 10 October 2014 Urology urothelium , stone surgery, and simple urethral and ureteral procedures